About the Artist 

Christopher Spinelli is a life-long Brooklyn resident who has been creating art in Brooklyn for over 30 years.  He studied art at the Brooklyn Museum and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where he received his BFA in Media Arts and Illustration.  His journey through the world of art began at a young age when he first decorated his parent's bedroom set with colored chalk and continued as a student at Xaverian High School where he served as Art Director for their Stage Crew.  Spinelli has painted numerous works on a large scale including backdrops for theater productions. His work has been exhibited in Manhattan and Brooklyn at the following galleries: Washington Square East, Master Eagle, Art Director's Club, BAM Small Works Gallery, New York University and Visual Arts.  Recent exhibits include the Coney Island Museum (11/7/2015 – 2/7/2016) Arsenal Gallery (January-Feb 2016), Gallery Gaia (January 2016), NX2 –Berlin (January 2016)and The National Arts Club (Feb. 2015).  Spinelli’s paintings have been included in the NYC Parks Department’s Black History Month exhibits in 2014 through 2016. A complete list of exhibits can be viewed on the Exhibitions Tab above.


His one-man show, "Sodom by the Sea" which opened at the Visual Arts Gallery in 1989 chronicled the decaying landscape of Coney Island during the 1980's.    Spinelli's paintings have been featured in numerous publications including Business Week and Chief Executive.  Currently his work is in various private collections.  Spinelli has worked extensively in chronicling a New York and particularly Brooklyn that he feels is slipping quickly into the past.    One of the most striking hallmarks of Spinelli's artwork is his exuberant use of color that is on display regardless of subject matter.  Christopher Spinelli continues to create artworks in a variety of media.  Spinelli has been the Visual Arts Instructor for the REACH Program that serves academically gifted yet economically disadvantaged students at Regis High School since 2011.